American Criterium Project #1 – Athens

EPISODE 1: It’s arguably the most recognized criterium race in the US. The Athens Twilight Criterium is a part of USA CRITS season series as well as the four-race Speed Week Series.

Racing under the lights of Athens, Georgia, a full spectrum of racers takes to the streets of the southern town for fast and hard racing as thousands of spectators take in the scenes, beer and more. The entire day is more than just bike racing. Come along for a journey with the Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team as they rest up, kit up, heat up and hope to deliver for the team.

To learn more about the Texas Roadhouse team, read their feature piece on from the races at Speed Week.

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Josh is a recovering photojournalist with a donut addiction that is only kept in check by cycling and trail running. He is continually blown away by the ability to be a part of the industry that encourages a passion for bikes. He is also an advocate for his trail running wife and others recovering from traumatic brain injuries (TBI). #rideallthesurfaces #becausebikes and #traillife are dirty good fun.

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