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What is Endure and Enjoy?

What is Endure and Enjoy?

It’s a question.

In fact, it’s the most important question of your life. What are you willing to struggle for? What pain do you want in your life? Because happiness requires struggle. The sweat. The early mornings. The soreness. What determines your success is what pain you want to sustain. So, what pain do you want in your life?

It’s a challenge.

To get back to what’s important, not distracted about the things that aren’t – like how you look, or what kind of equipment you own. It’s a challenge to each and every one of us to do these sports for the right reasons – for the love and joy of hard work.

It’s a code of conduct.

Endurance sports are hard enough without having to endure snobbery and elitist attitudes that have crept into the sport. It’s a call to return our sports to aspiring to ride and run like a pro vs. looking pro.

It’s a reminder that it’s not Us vs. Them. That cars aren’t the enemy when we ride or run. That other riders are out suffering just like you and deserve the grace and respect that each of us would appreciate. It’s a reminder that a smile or a wave might encourage your fellow athlete.

It’s an ethos.

It’s how we work. It’s how we live our lives. Our promise to work as hard on making cutting edge, no compromise, kick ass, run, ride and tri products that enable the hardest working athletes to perform better, longer, and enjoy more. It’s why we offer the industry’s only lifetime guarantee.

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